USA Deliveries

Please note we are experiencing some sporadic difficulties with customs clearance in the USA. As this situation develops through our efforts to resolve the issues we will endeavour to keep all of our USA destination customers updated.

Once we have resolved this current challenge we will send all our USA destination customers a newsletter. Please rest assured we will do everything in our power to return you to our usual trouble free service.

The story so far:

In September 2016 FDA has modified it's process of accepting goods into the USA and it would appear became functional during October-November 2016. Goods that would have cleared customs and the FDA are now being scrutinised to even to a far greater degree than before. This is not just for baby products but also for wider range of other good too.


What we are doing about it:

We are working with specialists to help resolve what is a challenging time for our many USA destination repeat and new customers who have come to rely on our previously faultless service. When we make the breakthrough required to resume normal service we will notify you through a newsletter and may follow up with a personal email.

The current situation with your orders:

As we receive orders we will individually assess the current situation as we will not knowingly take an order that we know cannot be delivered to its destination.
You will be informed by email if we believe that we can deliver your order in good faith within the 4 days order process lead time. If we can't we will refund your money without any hesitation. If, on the other hand there is a strong chance we think we can successfully complete your order we will ship it. Should that order be intercepted and refused entry through the FDA screening we will refund your money. The risk is at our expense.

Why order with Expat Essentials?:

No other online baby food supplier is willing to take this risk. All our competitors have either withdrawn sales of baby milk to the USA from their websites, negated the option to select baby food to USA destinations or stated on their websites that they will NOT take any responsibility if any order is refused access by the FDA or customs whatsoever. The risk therefore is totally yours. 
We don't think this is the way to treat new or returning customers with no option is a responsible solution for Mothers who need an ongoing supply of milk that  their baby has gotten used to and can tolerate.  Changing formulas, even ones of the same brand, but made in differing countries can cause distress for baby and Mother alike.
Please accept our apologies for any distress or concern the current situation may present you or your baby and please be assured we are trying everything in our power to resume a completely reliable service as soon as humanly possible.
Your Expat Essentials Team...