Closing for Spring Break

Please note:  Expat Essentials is now closed for 2 weeks and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd May.  Orders can still be placed online in the normal way, but will not be despatched until 4th-5th May.

Consular Services

Consularcare Limited is the first and only private Consular Travel Assurance and
Risk Mitigation Company that specialises in:
The auditing and consultancy of company travel policy and procedures to
provide better ‘Travel Duty of Care' for our clients and their employees.

Global Consularcare travel assurance (providing a guiding hand if the worse
should happen when our clients are travelling overseas), guidance and travel
assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year 

Consular Services to British Nationals:
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office sets out its commitment to providing a high level of of service and details what it needs from you in return.