Aptamil and Cow & Gate Baby Formulas

26 January 2015  |  Admin


Unfortunately, the manufacturers of Aptamil and Cow & Gate have introduced buying restrictions on all of their powdered baby formulas.  This means that the maximum we can purchase at any store or supplier is currently just 2 products!

We're trying very hard to keep up with demand, so that all of our Expat customers can still keep their babies on the formulas that suit them, but in order to do this, we've had to set a limit of a maximum of 6 products per customer from this range.  Hopefully, this will ensure that we can still purchase enough stock for everyone.

We hope this situation is temporary and we'll update the website as soon as anything changes, but thanks for bearing with us in the meantime, we really appreciate it.

(*Please note that Hipp Organic formulas are unaffected by this and there are no quantity restrictions in place for any of the Hipp baby milks*)