Christmas Shop

9 November 2015  |  Admin

   Our Christmas Shop is now open!  We have a bumper range of products this year, from the all round favourites, such as Marks & Spencer Christmas Cakes and Puddings, Tubs of Cadburys Roses and Quality Street and of course, Advent Calendars and Selection Boxes for the kids, so order as early as possible whilst stock is still plentiful.

If you're worried about expiry dates, all of the traditional Christmas Fruit Cakes and Puddings will keep until the New Year, but just check the information we've provided on any sponge cakes, yule logs and Pannettone, as some of these items have a shorter shelf life.  Likewise, with Mince Pies, the Waitrose Luxury All Butter Mince pies  willl keep until January 2015, but some of the other brands have a shorter date.  If we haven't been able to provide specific information and you need to be sure, please contact us before ordering and we'll check for you.

Or last order date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Friday 4th December, (or Wed 9th Dec for our EU customers) and we'll be closed from Wednesday 16th December through until Tuesday 5th January.  Don't forget that deliveries take much longer at this time of year, as customs departments around the world have a huge volume of parcels to clear, so please try to allow extra time.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us this year and hope you find everything you need to make your British Christmas special, wherever you live in the world.