Make a Top Class Restaurant Quality Curry at Home

30 April 2015  |  Admin

We now have the whole range of the fabulous Anglo Indian Chef's Curry Packs in stock.

Anglo Indian Chef's unique curry base sauce enables you to create your own authentic, Indian restaurant curry sauce packed with flavour. Made with specially blended spices, freshly ground to a unique recipe. Easy to cook –  all the spices are provided, you just need a few basic ingredients to create the best curry you’ve ever made.

Some of Anglo Indian Chef's tips:

The secret of succulent chicken

How can you make chicken breast as tender as the chicken breast in an Indian restaurant curry?

British Indian Restaurants usually use chicken that is known as 74%. That's what it is: 74% chicken containing 26% added water. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is the added water that makes the chicken so tender and succulent when it is cooked; add more water and the quality goes down, much less and you don't get the right effect.

Supermarkets and high street butchers don't usually stock this kind of chicken breast, so what do you do?

You have to use a simple technique called 'brining'. All you need to do is cut the chicken breast into 25 mm cubes and leave it immersed in very salty, cold water (brine) for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse the chicken in fresh water before marinating and cooking.

Cooking Lamb, Beef or other red meats

We recently had a Lamb Biryani form a local takeaway and the meat was the consistency of rubber! You can make even a cheap cut of meat nice and tender very easily. Here’s how:

  • Cut most of the fat and any gristle off the meat, and cut the meat into serving-size slivers rather than chunks (The name for this is a Pasanda rather than a Tikka, which is a chunk) cut to about 5 - 8mm thick.
  • As for my method of tenderising chicken, soak the meat in salty water for 20- 30 minutes, then rinse the meat in fresh water to get rid of the salt.
  • Now put the meat either into a marinade of spices, lemon juice and yoghurt or just plain water.
  • Soak the meat for a couple of hours or even over night.
  • Then add the meat to your curry sauce and simmer for 20-30 minutes, adding water if necessary, until the meat is tender; alternatively pan-fry or grill the meat ,and when cooked add it to the curry sauce. 

The salt water helps the meat absorb and retain water, and this is what tenderises and moisturises the meat.

Simple, really tasty veggie version of any of the AIC curry range

Instead of making veggie kebabs you can simply use cubed and cooked butternut squash instead of meat, the butternut squash adds a nice texture and flavour to the mildest Korma or the hottest Madras curry.

Here are some of the reviews on these fabulous products, from Anglo Indian customers:

'We met you at Atlantic Village in Bideford in the summer. The taster we tried that day was too good to not buy a pack. We cooked the tikka masala last night and were amazed at how easy it was to make and how unbelievably tasty the curry was. We live in SW London and are spoilt for choice with Indian restaurants around - this is without doubt one of the best curries I've ever had!! Will be reordering today and recommending to friends.'

'I have just cooked one of your curries for the first time and it was a very simple process - easier than I anticipated. I made the Tikka Masala and it tasted wonderful. The initial taste was mild and creamy but then the spices kicked in and it was a real pleasure for the taste buds.'
Congratulations on producing such a great product.

'I had a Dhansak from your Big Sheep pre Christmas Market. When I lived in West London, I used to get A Chicken Dhansak from a local Indian Restaurant, it has always been my favourite Dhansak until I cooked my own from your Curry Pack. I now cook a better Dhansak myself, since I moved to Devon than the one I used to get from one of the best Indian Restaurant's in West London.

'We bought some of your curries whilst on holiday in Devon and I have just put another order in online today!.
We regularly make our own curries from scratch at home but yours give a better depth of flavour than we have ever achieved and we lerant some really brilliant new tricks for tender chicken and proper pilau rice.
I would recommend these to anyone. Easy to follow, as tasty or tastier than a takeaway and as healthy as you want them to be too :-)'