Chilled Goods for EU Countries

1 Comment1 August 2014  |  Admin

        Our 'Chilled Goods' section for our customers in the EU is currently closed until September, (when the temperatures drop a little) and our regular customers will know that we offer a good, general selection of the most popular items, such as good old British Sausages and Bacon, but we want to increase the range and would really welcome your suggestions for new products.

Some items can't be sent of course, because they may only have one or two day's shelf life, so wouldn't be fresh on arrival and there are some others which are too risky to send, such as Chicken, Fish & Seafood, but there are still lots of products that will travel well in our special insulated packaging with, ice packs and keep very fresh and chilled during the 48 hour transit time.

We'll be increasing the range and available quantities of the bacon, sausages & cheese categories and we're thinking of perhaps adding some great quality Burgers and other BBQ items, plus some desserts, such as Apple Crumble and lots of other British favourites.  Although our customers in Italy obviously have access to the best Pizzas available, we're not so sure that our customers in other EU countries can buy good supermarket Pizzas, so we want to offer some really good quality ones from Waitrose and the Tesco Finest ranges.

Having been Expats ourselves for a number of years, we know what we missed the most, but we haven't lived in any European countries, so we really need your help with this, to be able to offer you what you want, rather than what we think you want, so please go ahead and leave any suggestions.


Barbara Haynes
10 October 2015  |  8:23

Yvonne, Sorry I have not replied to your missive about the chilled goods eu rules. I have been not very well I have MS. I have to say we were very upset to hear that we probably will not be able to have our Waitrose gammon not to mention the delicious Lancashire cheese. Are these idiots in Brussels hell bent on the destruction of good businesses one is led to ask. Frankly I would sack the whole lot of them and Im sure we would not miss them. But good luck to you all, I hope you will be able to find a way round these impossible rules and many thanks for the excellent service you provide us with.