14 August 2014  |  Admin
Travelling with Baby

Are you travelling with baby this summer?

 If so, you'll certainly wonder how such a gorgeous, small bundle of joy can possibly need so much and how that holiday suddenly becomes a logistical nightmare, trying to ensure you'll have everything to hand.

This is where Expat Essentials can really help. 

12 August 2014  |  Admin
Introducing Our New Loyalty Scheme

Shopping with Expat Essentials is even more rewarding now, with the introduction of our brand new Loyalty Points Scheme.  It's our way of saying thanks and giving something back to our customers, for continuing to shop with us.  Our scheme is also one of the most generous available from any British Expat Shop.

How does it work?

You earn 1 point for every pound spent on any products on the website, (shipping excluded) and each point is worth 3p.  You can cash in your points the next time you order or you can choose to save them up for the future, perhaps leaving them to add up for special occasions, such as Christmas or Easter.

How Much Are Loyalty Points Worth?

12 August 2014  |  Admin
Welcome to Our Updated Website

We've had some great feedback about our website, but we've also had some great suggestions from our customers about how it could be improved even more, so we're very happy to announce that our site has now been moved onto a new software platform which has allowed us to implement those requested changes, plus some great new additional features. to make shopping with us even easier and more enjoyable.

By far the most requested change, was being able to search by brand, instead of having to look through all of the products in a category.  This has been achieved by a simple drop down menu from the top left of the home page; 'Search by Brand' and it couldn't be easier to use, so we hope you like this new feature.  One other request from new customers, is that they would prefer not to have to set up a new account before being able to shop; again this has now been changed, so that our regular customers can continue to log in, in the usual way, but new customers have a choice of setting up an account to save their details or checking out as a 'Guest',

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Chilled Goods for EU Countries

Our 'Chilled Goods' section for our customers in the EU is currently closed until September, (when the temperatures drop a little) and our regular customers will know that we offer a good, general selection of the most popular items, such as good old British Sausages and Bacon, but we want to increase the range and would really welcome your suggestions for new products.

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